Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All About the SNOWMEN

Thats right! those cute little men of the snow! i love them! and along with hearts, which i collect all year, many years ago i have chosen to collect snowmen at christmastime. you'll find them on my tree, walls, and all other types of decor including stuffed animals.
I came across artwhims shop in a thread i was posting/promoting in the other night and saw her snowman ornaments. She was featuring some sports related snowmen, but I didnt see a hockey snowman. I convoed her and lo and behold, a custom order was born!!!! She made me two. One holding a hockey stick and one hugging a puck. Keeping with my hearts addiction however, heres a photo of one of them holding a HEART. Shes very new to etsy. Visit her at http://www.artwhims.etsy.com/ You'll love looking around her shop, and she is very convo friendly, should you have questions.

Now lets see...............hearts and snowmen, snowmen and hearts. Oh look...........christiecottage has some. http://www.christiecottage.etsy.com/ A set of three! Cute hearts made of felt featuring a snowman face gazing at a star. Dont you love the carrot noses???? This set would look darling hanging on any christmas tree. Browse around the shop. Shes got a bevy of miscellaneous gift items and holiday things as well.

Even though i'm in Florida it all makes me want to see the snow and build my own snowman!! nah, not really, but they're cute as heck. If you pop into onceuponatimeagos shop you will find a snowman baby. He's adorable and looks so super soft. Just waiting for someone to come along and cuddle him up! Great price too. http://www.onceuponatimeago.etsy.com/ has lots of different and fun items in her shop. Check it out!!!


Conscientia's Cameos said...

I love the plushie snowman!!

Sygnet Creations said...

I hear ... lets get some snow down here in florida so we can make some cute snowmen...lol

That plushy is super cute!

MayRae said...

Cute snowmen! Great choices :) Ya know here in Southern Cali they bring snow in for the preschoolers.