Friday, March 4, 2011

SWIRLS AND DOTS!, dot, dot, and SWIRL!!

So I was feeling a little down today and wanted to cheer up. WHY did i start thinking about curls, and swirls and polka dots? I just dont know, but they do make me smile, so what the heck! I absolutely LOVE the new swirly CUFF bracelets in katkero's shop They are swirly, curly and so totally outta control! LOVE THEM!!!

Some more swirly, beautiful items would be the pendants. The color on this one is lovely. Wanna show your wild, swirly, out of control style? Then you need a swirly pendant. These are definitely one of a kind items for YOU, that one of a kind person!!!

If you browse around her shop, you will find more swirls.............on bookmarks, of all things!!!! She also has stitch markers for crocheting and knitting. Why not buy a special gift for the yarn enthusiast in your life? They'd love it.

Now lets DOT our I's so to speak. POLKA DOTS!!! Do I sound a little cuckoo today or is that just me? anyway. dot dot dot, gotta love them. It shows my age, but they so make me think of Little Dot from the Richie Rich and Little Lotta comic book, who LOVED all things dotted! :)

Take a look at some of the dots in Blusky's shop. Her stuff is just awesome and so totally colorful. Great embroidery work on this fun coin purse. Sure to cheer up anyone or of cours to treat yourself!
And then I noticed that she had listed an item i hadnt seen before. A crocheted owl bag. Super cute with the biggest, bulging polka dot eyes i ever saw. I love you, polka dot eye owl! Visit her shop for more and more and more bags, clutches and even pendants. Lots of color there.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


FOLLOW ME...............................................TO TEAMWORK!!!
Lets see..................... a lot of things have had me reflecting lately. For instance, why are some people givers, while others are takers? Why do some people like to work together while others work solely for their own benefit. I have to say that I really like the together people alot better.

The more we work as a team, the more we get accomplished and thats just the way it is. I believe it, and I see it. The more we work as a team, the easier things become. This applies in all aspects of our lives. I care for my elderly mother, every single night. She requires insulin injections that she cannot give herself, and so I must be there each night to do that among other chores, etc. This is exhausting!!!!!!!! As a team or family, this would be so much easier, but my siblings have their reasons for NOT being able to join my team of one.

As the saying goes, there is no I in team. Many of us are working together on etsy, trudging along, just trying to make a living, have a good time, and help one another in the process. For us, that is alot more fun than going it alone. So, firstly a big THANK YOU goes out to Tim of for becoming the captain of our team, so to speak, in our quest for promoting and selling our wares on etsy. With the closure of the official etsy promotion forum, Tim managed to wrangle many of us together into a TEAM ( a fun and friends forum team) to work together, help one another and have a good time. The team now officially has over 1000 members and the door is always open. Theres room for many more.

Once you decide to join, why not stop by the Treat Yourself BNS (buy and stay) team. Our shopping list is long and the browsing of course is FREE!!!! There are items upon items though that you just wont be able to resist!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Treat Yourself on Tuesday


Isn't it time you treated yourself? Its one of the things I actually have to "think of" and force myself to do. I was taking my walk tho last night and watching nature: trees, flowers, leaves on the ground and even weeds and i was thinking, WOW peace (and somewhat quiet, even tho some dogs were barking nearby). It made me think, "how can it be so hard to treat yourself?" Life should be more fun and simple. Anyway, i'm babbling.

Let me introduce the Treat Yourself Shops! only on ETSY!!!

If you browse around the many shops, you will find jewelry, candles, soaps, scarves, tea, jellies, dolls, bags, greeting cards, magnets and so many other fun filled items. I challenge you to NOT find something just for YOU! and while you're at it, you are bound to find a few things to give as gifts. Birthdays, Mothers Day, Easter, Fathers Day............the list of course goes on and on.

We'll leave the light on for you............come by and visit ANYTIME!!!!
among the amazingggggggggggg sales:

BOGO FREE on bookworm and caterpillar bookmarks in my craftheart shop *message me your choice of free worm after purchase (free item should be of equal or less value) j
*offer is valid only til friday*

Jenn is celebrating her one year etsyversary on etsy and she has TWO shops - crochet items, eco friendly swiffer covers, mug cozies and more. USE COUPON CODE ONEYEAR20 to save 20% in this shop

and for soy melts, air fresheners and aroma beads, visit her here and USE COUPON CODE NOWOPEN20 to save 20% on anything in shop.

There are LOADS of shops to marvel in so why not spend some time taking a look. Be sure to check out our jewelry section. So many one of a kind pieces and lots and lots of (my favorite) earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Just about anything you need to stuff a stocking can be found at the link above. All conveniently bunched up in one place. Browse all the shops in the thread to find just what you are looking for.

Roll it up for a sweet little boy on your gift giving list! What little tyke wouldnt love to strut around with his own tool belt? Well, lets face it, some little girls might like it too. I know MINE would have at that age has some adorably sewn tool belt kits, crayon rolls ups, pet shop playsets and car wallets. These all easily roll up for quick on the go toting around. Take a peek in her shop. She also has some cute purses, so not only can you get some stocking stuffers for the kids, you can pick something up for yourself! has an actual mod podge of special items in her shop. Its a treat to browse each page. Looking for some vintage? shes got that. Looking for some quilted items? shes got that. Looking for an actual STOCKING to stuff stocking stuffers in? well, guess what? shes got that too! I love her little coin purses and of course they are just the right size for a stocking gift. Now remember, and this is a bit of advice my mother told me, never give a wallet or purse as a gift without tucking some money inside for good luck, even if its only a few coins.

Cakeordeath! first of all, what a cute shop name. Secondly, what wonderful items and great prices! has many kinds of candles and SO many of us love candles especially around the holidays. Lots of fun and unique scents available as well. I have purchased a few of her items so i can vouch for the quality and they are great. Take a look around her shop and not JUST for candles, she also offers tags, destash, pet toys and more!
So remember to stop by our thread for all your gift giving needs.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Christmas is definitely closer than you think, and if you're like me, you've got more than few stockings to fill. But even if you're just filling one stocking, stop by our stocking stuffer thread to find just the right little gift.

Take a look in Bluskys shop! Cute cute items for the teen/tween/girl/woman/grandma/mother on your list.................great stuff even for your friend or yourself too! She has mini clutches, wallets, tile pendants and cute cute owls. She can hardly keep the owls in the shop, so cruise on by and get one for someone on your stocking stuffer list. has a wide variety of fun items in her shop as well. Choose some stitch markers for the knitter on your stocking stuffer list or how about some hair wear for mom/daughter/friend or anyone special on your list. She has some pretty hairfalls, combs and more. And thats not all, be sure to check out the unique one of a kind pendants. They are sure to make someone on your stocking list smile on christmas morning.

Browse thru Aubreys shop on etsy and you'll find some soft colors and pretty cute items. has quilted items, stuffed toys, dolls and bags. All handmade and adorable to say the least. She offers nicely stuffed and quilted pillows along with super cute smaller items that can be used as ornaments. Her dolls are very unique. She's got a little stuffed bear listed who could easily steal someones heart. You'd definitely be a favorite of somebodys if you stuffed this into their stocking!

So stop by our thread today and check out all the fun stocking stuffers. Join in if you'd like. We're all a bunch of fun!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



I'm hosting a stocking stuffer thread on etsy. Lots of shops there with lots of great items!!!!! FREE to join in - just be sure to have small items that will fit into stockings.

My friend is hosting the thread along with me. You just HAVE TO stop by and check out her shop while you're browsing the thread. She has super crochet items and also sachets. One of my favorite things in her shop? The crochet swiffer cover. Another GO GREEN idea, and save lots of money becuase you can use it over and over. I've washed mine already and it washes up great!

Do you have a special little girl you are shopping for this year? Well, have i got a FIND for you! Rosey has some wonderfully made and beautiful doll clothing for your little ones little one. Go and take a peek, browse around her shop and i am sure you will find the perfect outfit for you daughter, grand daughter, neice or other special little girl to dress up their dolly this christmas.

I, myself have shopped in xxkellybeans shop. I have to admit I wont be stuffing my purchases into stockings, but rather hanging them on my mothers christmas tree. Mom is 86 and i care for her each night after her caregiver heads home. She is quite the spoiled old lady and has asked for a tree decorated all in angels this year. I bought 4 from kellys shop. . I'm sure i got all the angels but she has other fun stuff for stockings too! How about this owl necklace? Cute and great for the teen/tween on your list.

So stop buy and visit us if you have stocking stuffers to buy. We are a fun group and we're always offering up sales and such. And if you HAVE an etsy shop, consider joining us. Its free, just add your shop to the list, but you must check in each day in order to stay featured. Come see what the buzz is about!

Friday, August 13, 2010

ORANGE you glad you came here.........

to see all the etsy orange!!!!!

Firstlightglass has this newly listed orange fused glass pendant. So bright and cheery.

But my favorite in the shop (also orange) is the cute seahorse.

Venetian flame in JewelryofNote's shop is a very fancy looking necklace and also of course is orange!!!! for lots of other jewelry finds

This is a very pretty orange mini wallet card case in lucymoonglows shop. A lot of other cute items including pouches and headbands.
Visit etsy and shop by even more cheery etsy finds